Audio Драйвер DA8551 приборной панели Volvo FM11 III 2012-2020

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Артикул 016756
Модель и марка Volvo FM11 III 2012-2020
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В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете недорого приобрести Audio Драйвер DA8551 (TDA8551T)

производства NXP Semiconductor приборной панели Volvo FM11 III 2012-2020, а так же воспользоваться услугами ремонта приборной панели Volvo FM11 III 2012-2020

FEATURES • One pin digital volume control • Volume setting with UP/DOWN pulses • Flexibility in use • Few external components • Low saturation voltage of output stage • Standby mode controlled by CMOS compatible levels • Low standby current • No switch-on/switch-off plops • High supply voltage ripple rejection • Protected against electrostatic discharge • Outputs short circuit safe to ground, VP and across the load • Thermally protected

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The TDA8551; TDA8551T is a one channel 1 W Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) audio power amplifier capable of delivering 1 W output power to an 8 Ω load at THD = 10% using a 5 V power supply. The circuit contains a BTL power amplifier, a digital volume control and standby/mute logic. The TDA8551T comes in an 8 pin SO package and the TDA8551 in a 8 pin DIP package.

APPLICATIONS • Portable consumer products • Personal computers • Telephony

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