CAN драйвер 42665AGA панели приборов Volvo FM11 III 2012-2020

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Артикул 016744
Модель и марка Volvo FM11 III 2012-2020
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В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить CAN драйвер 42665AGA (AMIS42665AGA) производства AMI Semiconductor панели приборов Volvo FM11 III 2012-2020, а так же воспользоваться услугой по ремонту щитка приборов Volvo FMX13 III 2012-2020


1.0 General Description

The AMIS-42665 CAN transceiver is the interface between a controller area network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical bus and may be used in both 12V and 24V systems. The transceiver provides differential transmit capability to the bus and differential receive capability to the CAN controller. The AMIS-42665 is a new addition to the CAN high-speed transceiver family and offers the following additional features: • Ideal passive behaviour when supply voltage is removed • Wake-up over bus • Extremely low current standby mode Due to the wide common-mode voltage range of the receiver inputs, the AMIS-42665 is able to reach outstanding levels of electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS). Similarly, extremely low electromagnetic emission (EME) is achieved by the excellent matching of the output signals.

2.0 Key Features 

Compatible with the ISO 11898 standard (ISO 11898-2, ISO 11898-5 and SAE J2284) • High speed (up to 1Mbaud) • Ideally suited for 12V and 24V industrial and automotive applications • Extremely low current standby mode with wake-up via the bus • Low EME common-mode choke is no longer required • Differential receiver with wide common-mode range (+/- 35V) for high EMS • Voltage source via VSPLIT pin for stabilizing the recessive bus level (further EMC improvement) • No disturbance of the bus lines with an un-powered node • Transmit data (TxD) dominant time-out function • Thermal protection • Bus pins protected against transients in an automotive environment • Power down mode in which the transmitter is disabled • Bus and VSPLIT pins short circuit proof to supply voltage and ground • Logic level inputs compatible with 3.3V devices • At least 110 nodes can be connected to the same bus.

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