Драйвер питания TLE4269 панели приборов Mercedes-Benz C-класс II (W203) 2000-2004

Цена: 500 руб.
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Параметр Значение
Артикул 4037802
Количество просмотров 33
Модель и марка Mercedes-Benz
Количество на складе 1


В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить драйвер питания TLE4269 для панели приборов Mercedes-Benz C-класс AMG II (W203) 2001-2005, а так же воспользоваться услугой по ремноту приборной панели Mercedes-Benz C-класс AMG II (W203) 2001-2005.

Особенности • Output voltage tolerance ≤ ±2% • 150 mA current capability • Very low current consumption • Early warning • Reset output low down to VQ =1V • Overtemperature protection • Reverse polarity proof • Adjustable reset threshold • Very low drop voltage • Wide temperature range • Integrated pull-up resistor at logic outputs • Green Product (RoHS compliant)
Описание The OPTIREG™ Linear TLE4269 is an automotive voltage regulator with a 5 V fixed output. The maximum operating voltage is 45 V. The output is able to drive 150 mA load. The device features short-circuit protection. The thermal shutdown feature switches the output off when the junction temperature exceeds 150°C to ensure the device is not damaged by overheating. A reset signal is generated when the output voltage drops below VQ < 4.65 V. The reset threshold voltage can be decreased by an external connection of a voltage divider. The reset delay time can be set by an external capacitor. Reset and sense output have integrated pull-up resistors. If the integrated resistors are not required, the TLE4279 can be used instead. It is also possible to supervise the input voltage by using an integrated comparator to give a low voltage warning.

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