LED драйвер питания 6C595 панели приборов Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009

Цена: 500 руб.
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Параметр Значение
Артикул 016600
Модель и марка Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009
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В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить LED драйвер питания 6C595 производства Texas Instruments (LED драйвер регистра сдвига) панели приборов Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009, а так же воспользоваться услугой по ремонту панели приборов Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009

Low rDS(on) . . . 7 Ω Typ
Avalanche Energy . . . 30 mJ
Eight Power DMOS Transistor Outputs of 100-mA Continuous Current
250-mA Current Limit Capability
ESD Protection . . . 2500 V
Output Clamp Voltage . . . 33 V
Devices Are Cascadable
Low Power Consumption
The TPIC6C595 is a monolithic, medium-voltage, low-current power 8-bit shift register designed for use in systems that require relatively moderate load power such as LEDs. The device contains a built-in voltage clamp on the outputs for inductive transient protection. Power driver applications include relays, solenoids, and other low-current or medium-voltage loads. This device contains an 8-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift register that feeds an 8-bit D-type storage register. Data transfers through both the shift and storage registers on the rising edge of the shift register clock (SRCK) and the register clock (RCK), respectively. The device transfers data out the serial output (SER OUT) port on the rising edge of SRCK. The storage register transfers data to the output buffer when shift register clear (CLR) is high. When CLR is low, the input shift register is cleared. When output enable (G) is held high, all data in the output buffers is held low and all drain outputs are off. When G is held low, data from the storage register is transparent to the output buffers. When data in the output buffers is low, the DMOS transistor outputs are off. When data is high, the DMOS transistor outputs have sink-current capability. The SER OUT allows for cascading of the data from the shift register to additional de

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