EEPROM M35080 панели приборов Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009

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Артикул 016616
Модель и марка Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009
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В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить EEPROM M35080 производства ST Microelectronics панели приборов Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009, а так же воспользоваться услугой по ремонту приборной панели Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009

■ Compatible with SPI Bus Serial Interface (Positive Clock SPI Modes) ■ Single Supply Voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5 V ■ 5 MHz Clock Rate (maximum) ■ Sixteen 16-bit Incremental Registers ■ BYTE and PAGE WRITE (up to 32 Bytes) (except for the Incremental Registers) ■ Self-Timed Programming Cycle ■ Hardware Protection of the Status Register ■ Resizeable Read-Only EEPROM Area ■ Enhanced ESD Protection ■ 1 Million Erase/Write Cycles (minimum) ■ 40 Year Data Retention (minimum)

DESCRIPTION The M35080 device consists of 1024x8 bits of low power EEPROM, fabricated with STMicroelectronics’ proprietary High Endurance Double Polysilicon CMOS technology. The device is accessed by a simple SPI-compatible serial interface. The bus signals consist of a serial clock input (C), a serial data input (D) and a serial data output (Q), as shown in Table 1. The device is selected when the chip select input (S) is held low. Data is clocked in during the low to high transition of the clock, C. Data is clocked out during the high to low transition of the clock.

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