Флэш память S29GL512N10TFI02 панели приборов Mercedes-Benz C-Класс IV (W205) Рестайлинг 2018

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Артикул 007703
Модель и марка Mercedes-Benz C-Класс IV (W205) Рестайлинг 2018
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В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить флэш память S29GL512N панели приборов  Mercedes-Benz C-Класс IV (W205) Рестайлинг 2018, а так же воспользоваться услугой по ремонту приборной панели  Mercedes-Benz C-Класс IV (W205) Рестайлинг 2018

Отличительные характеристики:
Architectural Advantages
  • Single power supply operation
    — 3 volt read, erase, and program operations

  • Enhanced VersatileI/O™ control
    — All input levels (address, control, and DQ input levels) and outputs are determined by voltage on V IO input. V IO range is 1.65 to VCC
  • Manufactured on 110 nm MirrorBit process technology
  • Secured Silicon Sector region
    — 128-word/256-byte sector
    for permanent, secure
    identification through an
    8-word/16-byte random
    Electronic Serial Number, accessible through a
    command sequence
    — May be programmed and locked at the factory or by
    the customer
  • Flexible sector architecture
    — S29GL512N: Five hundred twelve 64 Kword (128
    Kbyte) sectors
    — S29GL256N: Two hundred fifty-six 64 Kword (128
    Kbyte) sectors
    — S29GL128N: One hundred twenty-eight 64 Kword
    (128 Kbyte) sectors
  • Compatibility with JEDEC standards
    — Provides pinout and software compatibility for
    single-power supply flash,
    and superior inadvertent
    write protection
  • 100,000 erase cycles per sector typical
  • 20-year data retention typica

Эксплутационные характеристики:

  • High performance
    — 90 ns access time (S29GL128N, S29GL256N)
    ns (S29GL512N)
    — 8-word/16-byte page read buffer
    — 25 ns page read times
    — 16-word/32-byte write buffer reduces overall
    programming time for multiple-word updates
  • Low power consumption (typical values at 3.0 V, 5
    — 25 mA typical active read current;
    — 50 mA typical erase/program current
    — 1 μA typical standby mode current
  • Package options
    —56-pin TSOP
    — 64-ball Fortified BGA

Особенности программного и аппаратного обеспечения:

  • Software features
    — Program Suspend and Resu
    me: read other sectors
    before programming operation is completed
    — Erase Suspend and Resu
    me: read/program other
    sectors before an erase operation is completed
    — Data# polling and toggl
    e bits provide status
    — Unlock Bypass Program command reduces overall
    multiple-word programming time
    — CFI (Common Flash Interface) compliant: allows host
    system to identify and ac
    commodate multiple flash

  • Hardware features
    — Advanced Sector Protection
    — WP#/ACC input accelerates programming time
    (when high voltage is applie
    d) for greater throughput
    during system production. Protects first or last sector
    regardless of sector
    protection settings
    — Hardware reset input (RESET#) resets device
    — Ready/Busy# output (RY/
    BY#) detects program or
    erase cycle completion

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