Графический процессор TX4961XBG-240 панели приборов BMW 5 серия VI (F10/F11/F07) Рестайлинг 2013-2017

Цена: 5 000 руб.
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Параметр Значение
Артикул 9775979
Количество просмотров 95
Модель и марка BMW 5 Series
Количество на складе 1


TX4961XBG-240 64-bit RISC Processor with Integrated Graphics and Display Controller
В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить графический процессор TX4961XBG-240 панели приборов BMW 5 серия VI (F10/F11/F07) Рестайлинг 2013-2017. Производство: Toshiba
А так же воспользоваться услугой по ремонту приборной панели BMW 5 серия Рестайлинг 2013-2017 по привлекательной цене в Москве

Основные моменты • 64-bit TX49/H3 MIPScompatible CPU runs large code base • High integration reduces parts count and increases reliability • Automotive/industrial temperature range • 24-bit true color pixels with 8-bit alpha blending on all operations enables very high quality displays • Graphics scheduler offloads CPU by reading display list commands directly from memory and dispatching operations to the hardware acceleration engines • 5-layer graphics architecture eases task of managing overlays • Transformation Engine can implement rotating display elements like indicator needles • Blitting engine can perform font expansion and scaling • Many basic graphics operations implemented in hardware • ADC and PWM outputs can control LCD brightness and contrast

Описание The TX4961 is designed for applications that combine general purpose computing with real-time graphic displays, such as driver information systems, car infotainment systems and car navigation systems. It integrates a TX49/H3 64-bit MIPS RISC CPU with a display controller and hardware graphics accelerators in a single systemon-a-chip IC. The integrated DDR SDRAM controller, unified memory architecture and multiple on-chip buses are designed to ensure that each on-chip subsystem has the memory bandwidth it needs. The TX4961 also integrates a video frame grabber, AC-Link and I2C controllers, various timers and high-speed serial ports, 10-bit ADC, 16-bit PWM outputs, GPIO ports, and CANbus and Media-LB interfaces with DMA, interrupt, external bus, and NAND FLASH controllers.

Особенности • 240 MHz TX49/H3 CPU core – 16 KB Instruction cache – 16 KB Data cache • Integrated IEEE754 single and double precision FPU • MMU with 48-entry TLB • Graphics display controller: – 24-bit true color pixels – 4 display planes – Hardware cursor to 64 x 64 • Hardware 8-bit alpha blending • Hardware format conversion • Hardware clipping windows • Hardware antialiasing to 1/16 sub-pixel resolution • Blitting Engine for moving, scaling, font expansion • Transformation engine for 2D linear transforms • Rotation Engine• Line-Drawing Engine • Frame Grabber – 16- or 8-bit RGB, or YCbCr – ITU-R 601/709 conversion – Frames up to 1024 x 512 – Cropping and dotwise scaling • External bus for 16-bit SRAM, ROM, NOR FLASH • DDR SDRAM controller – 32/16-bit data, 2 channels • DMA controller • Interrupt controller • NAND FLASH controller with HW ECC calculation • Media-LB interface • AC97-Link controller with 4-ch DMA • I2C controller • 3 high-speed UARTs • 2 ESIE ports (SPI) with FIFOs • 3 ch CAN-bus controller with 16 mailboxes each • 30 general purpose IO pins • 8 ch 10-bit ADC • 6 x 16-bit PWM timers • 6 x 16-bit complex timers • 24-bit system timer • Watchdog timer • 4KB/4KB internal RAM/ROM • On-chip clock and reset generators • Halt, doze and standby power-down modes • 130 nm process technology • 456-pin PBGA, 1mm ball pitch • –40°C to 85°C ambient operating temperature

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