LCD драйвер экранчика панели приборов Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009

Цена: 1 000 руб.
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Параметр Значение
Артикул 016618
Модель и марка Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009
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Количество просмотров 232


В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить LCD драйвер экранчика производства OKI Semiconductor для панели приборов Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009, а так же воспользоваться услугой по ремонту приборной панели Land Rover Discovery III 2004-2009

Гарантия 1 год.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The MSM6786 is a dynamic display LCD driver and can be switched to 1/3 or 1/4 duty. It can dis-play up to 116 segments with 1/4 duty and up to 87 segments with 1/3 duty. It can also drive one LED directly. The built-in 5¥6 key circuit allows input through a keyboard, and minimizes the number of wires between the front panel and CPU.

FEATURES • Power suppy voltage : 5V±10% • Operating temperature : –40 to +85°C • 29-output segment driver 1/4 duty dynamic drive : Up to 116 segments can be displayed 1/3 duty dynamic drive : Up to 87 segments can be displayed • One LED can be driven directly (IO=–15mA max) • Built-in 5¥6 key scan circuit allows reading of the operation status of up to 30 switches. • Interface with CPU is implemented by LOAD, DATA I/O and CLOCK in serial method. • Built-in RC oscillator for LCD AC drive • Built-in voltage dividing resistor for bias voltage generation • Package: 56-pin plastic QFP (QFP56-P-910-0.65-2K) (Product name : MSM6786GS-2K)


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