Логический драйвер 74HCT00D панели приборов Volvo FMX13 III 2012-2020

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Артикул 016740
Модель и марка Volvo FMX13 III 2012-2020
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В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете купить логический драйвер панели приборов Volvo FMX13 III 2012-2020 74HCT00D производства Nexperia, а так же воспользоваться ремонтом приборной панели Volvo FMX13 III 2012-2020

The MC74HC14 A is identical in pinout to the LS14, LS04 and the HC04. The device inputs are compatible with Standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. The HC14A is useful to “square up” slow input rise and fall times. Due to hysteresis voltage of the Schmitt trigger, the HC14A finds applications in noisy environments. Features • Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads • Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL • Operating Voltage Range: 2.0 to 6.0 V • Low Input Current: 1.0 A • High Noise Immunity Characteristic of CMOS Devices • In Compliance With the JEDEC Standard No. 7.0 A Requirements • Chip Complexity: 60 FETs or 15 Equivalent Gates • NLV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AEC−Q100 Qualified and PPAP Capable • These Devices are Pb−Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant



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